Creating a service ticket to have your commercial equipment serviced or repaired is now easier than ever. Below are the 3 easy steps to submitting a service request.

Instructions to submit a service request.

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Step 1: Click on New Support Ticket

  • Select the New Support Ticket button located below the search bar to the top of the page. 

Step 2: Populate the form with the relevant information

  • Fill out all relevant fields in the request form to ensure a timely response
  • Any field marked with a red * is a required field and has to be filled out for the form to be submitted.

Step 3: Submit Form

  • For registered users: After filling out all relevant information in the form, please click the submit button located at the bottom of the form. Once the form is submitted, please check your profile regularly to view updates on the ticket.
  • For non-registered users, please complete the CAPTCHA request and select the submit button. Once the form is submitted, an agent will contact you.

Please note that an agent will contact you with 24-48 hours after submitting of the request form.

Any questions please feel free to contact us @ 1-868-674-7777